Financial staffQiaolian Machine Co., Ltd.Donguan,Guangdong,China2019/02/13
Purchasing staffQiaolian Machine Co., Ltd.Donguan,Guangdong,China2019/02/26
PainterQiaolian Machine Co., Ltd.Donguan,Guangdong,China2018/02/26
Electrical engineerQiaolian Machine Co., Ltd.Donguan,Guangdong,China2018/02/26
After sales engineerQiaolian Machine Co., Ltd.Donguan,Guangdong,China2018/02/28
Mechanical engineerQiaolian Machine Co., Ltd.Donguan,Guangdong,China2018/03/02
Design engineerQiaolian Machine Co., Ltd.Donguan,Guangdong,China2018/03/06
Bench workerQiaolian Machine Co., Ltd.Donguan,Guangdong,China2018/03/08
Warehouse administratorQiaolian Machine Co., Ltd.Donguan,Guangdong,China2018/04/18

Welcome to join Qiaolian machine Co.,LTD.

Five reasons to join us:

  • Because we pay much attention to your development.
  • Because we provide more opportunities for your leaning and promotion.
  • Because we have good working environment, clean and beautiful working place.
  • Because our company has good prospects for development.
  • Because you can realize the value of your life.

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