CFRTP composite molding machine
CFRTP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastics) composite molding machine abbreviated as thermoplastic molding, aiming at the secondary forming of thermoplastic ABS/PP/PA fiber sheet.According to the requirement of thermoplastic forming process, the equipment provides the principle of rapid uniform heating and low temperature setting to realize energy saving and high efficiency mass production.

Lightweight automotive accessories, aviation seats, new energy battery cover and shell, automotive decorative parts, 3C electrical products shell, etc.

Technical parameters:
  Type SHM-560 SHM-600 SHM-750 SHM-1000 SHM-1500
   Heating plate size (mm)    560*560 600*600 750*1000 1000*1250 1000*1500
   Clamping   Force (T) 100T-500T
   Stroke (mm) 250-300 250-300 250-300 250-300 250-300
   Power (KW) 5.5/7.5 5.5/7.5 7.5/11 7.5/11 7.5/11
   Control   System   PLC+HMI      PLC+HMI       PLC+HMI       PLC+HMI      PLC+HMI 
   Remarks Panel size can be customized  

* We reserve the right to change any design and specification without ontice.
CFRTP composite forming machine

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