Features of automatic mask machine:

1. The machine is compact, small and does not occupy space;
2. PLC program control, high stability, low failure rate;
3. The whole machine is made of aluminum alloy structure, beautiful, solid and rust free;
4. Photoelectric detection to reduce the error rate.
5. The welding strength of ear band is adjustable.
6. Adopt ultrasonic system, stable performance, convenient operation.
7. Pulley and fixed foot are used for convenient and fast movement, strong fixation and unshakable
8. Full automatic kn95 mask machine is equipped with new conveyor belt, which can automatically collect products with high accuracy and only needs to be sorted and packed
Application environment of kn95 mask machine
Temperature 10-35 ℃, humidity 5-35% HR, no combustible gas, no corrosive gas, no dust (cleanliness no less than 100000)
Production capacity: 80-120ppm
Voltage: 220V, 50Hz / 380V, 50Hz, can be customized

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Fully Automatic KN95 Mask Machine

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