What are the characteristics and advantages of the compression moulding machine ?

Apr 24, 2019

Compression moulding machine has independent power mechanism and electrical system. By using button centralized control, it can realize three working modes: adjusting, manual and semi-automatic: working pressure, pressing speed, no-load fast downward and deceleration stroke and scope. It can adjust according to process requirements and complete ejection process. It can bring three kinds of process modes: ejection process and stretching process. The process of constant pressure and fixed distance is chosen. The constant pressure forming process has ejection delay and automatic return after pressing.
High Pressure Forming Machine
Independent power organization and electrical system, and the use of button centralized control, can complete the adjustment and semi-automatic operation methods. Its mobile operation platform is driven by frequency conversion controller, and its electrical selection is the world's leading PLC programmable controller. Through the creation of YH25-315D "T" type movable table, it is advantageous to improve the automation of the series of hydraulic presses, improve the output power and reduce the labor intensity of operators.
Using liquid as medium to transfer energy, adopting advanced hydraulic circuit of mother and child cylinder, low oil temperature, over 10MM/sec empty travel speed, below 20MM/sec working speed, standby equipment, no more than 75 dB noise when sliding up and down fast.
The vertical accuracy of movable plate is controlled by four precise guide sleeves with four columns and three plates. The parallel accuracy of the lower working face and any point of the upper working face is less than 0.08MM.
1. Reduce quality and save materials. For typical parts such as automobile engine bracket and radiator bracket, the weight of hydroforming parts can be reduced by 20%? 40% compared with stamping parts, and 40%? 50% for hollow stepped shaft parts.
2. Reduce the number of parts and moulds? Reduce the cost of moulds. Usually only one set of dies is needed for high pressure forming parts, while many sets of dies are needed for stamping parts. Hydraulic forming of engine bracket parts from 6 to 1, radiator bracket parts from 17 to 10.
3. It can reduce the welding quantity of follow-up mechanical processing and assembly. Taking radiator bracket as an example, the area of heat dissipation increased by 43%, the number of solder joints decreased from 174 to 20, the number of processes decreased from 13 to 6, and the productivity increased by 66%.
4. Increasing strength and stiffness, especially fatigue strength, such as hydroforming radiator bracket, can increase its stiffness by 39% in vertical direction and 50% in horizontal direction.
5. Reduce production cost. According to the statistical analysis of hydraulic forming parts, the production cost of hydraulic forming parts is 15%? 20% lower than that of stamping parts, and the cost of die is 20%~30% lower than that of stamping parts.

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