Staple fiber is used in rubber products

Apr 24, 2019

Application of staple fiber in rubber products: staple fiber has been successfully used in a variety of rubber products.
(1) the rubber hose is mainly used for manufacturing medium and low pressure resistant rubber hose, such as farmland and horticultural irrigation rubber hose, automobile medium and low pressure oil pipe, general water pipe, etc
(2) the use of 5-20 short fibers in the v-belt compression layer can significantly improve the lateral stiffness and longitudinal flexibility of the v-belt, as well as improve the lateral friction and transmission efficiency.The friction between the rubber belt and the grooved wheel can be increased in the surface layer to reduce noise and wear.
(3) the characteristics of short tire fiber to improve the wear resistance, puncture resistance and tear resistance of the tread adhesive are of great significance in the application of the engineering tread. The advantages of the tread adhesive are obviously shown by adding 2.5 parts.
(4) other short fiber reinforced rubber products such as seals, cover rubber for printing cots, shock absorbers, impact resistant flexible plates and clutches for automobile, rubber screen, hollow circular dock and fender, instrument plates for automobile, miner's cap, etc.

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