Carbon fiber composite products

Apr 24, 2019

Carbon fiber is a polymer. Carbon fiber is a kind of carbon atom that has been shaped into filaments after a variety of heating steps. Each filament is about 5-10 microns in diameter and 10-20 times thinner than the average person.The carbon tow is still very soft and almost useless before the epoxy is added.Adding resins to carbon fiber turns the material into a composite, better known in engineering terms as a carbon-fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP).Because composites are usually also layered, they are also called laminated materials.
Carbon fiber material not only has the inherent characteristics of carbon material, but also has the flexibility and processability of textile fiber. It is lighter in mass than aluminum, but higher in strength than steel. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high modulus.
Main application range of carbon fiber:
In addition to aerospace, defense and military applications and sporting goods, carbon fiber is being used in new markets such as automotive components, wind power blades, building reinforcement materials, reinforced plastics and drilling platforms.In addition, it is also used in pressure vessels, medical equipment, Marine development, new energy and other fields.Other applications of carbon fiber include the production of composite materials for machine parts, household appliances and semiconductor related equipment, which can be used to enhance protection against static electricity and electromagnetic waves.In addition, the use of carbon fiber in X-ray instruments can reduce human exposure to x-rays.

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