Composition of high pressure forming machine

Oct 31, 2019

         The high pressure forming machine is composed of two parts: the system software and the fuselage. The main machine is made up of imported servo motor and vacuum pump. The vacuum gas can reach 10-30KG high-strength pressure product in-mold forming.

         The servo high-pressure forming machine is different from the general press. When pressure is applied, the pressure and the powerful silent mode operation can be precisely controlled. The working principle is generally an assembly operation in which the servo motor drives the cylinder to generate pressure under pressure. Full-process closed-loop control of press-fit and press-in depth in pressure assembly operations.
                                                          high pressure forming machine

         The press-fit function of the equipment is relatively powerful. The use of a wide range of materials can clearly complete the various press-fit processes. The imported heat-generating device is used to heat up evenly. The vacuum gas is equipped with a digital intelligent control display to replace the upgraded version of the ordinary hot-hydraulic press.

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