Construction and working methods of flat hot pressing machine

Sep 21, 2019

          For the selection and use of equipment, it has become an inevitable trend in modern production. Through the development and design of professional equipment manufacturers, many new production and processing equipment can be manufactured. Nowadays flat hot pressing machine, in which the piston rod of the driving cylinder is connected to the side The pressure block, and the two ends of the side pressure block can be connected to the frame through the slide rail, the side pressure block is connected to the hot press forming device, and then through the use of the hot press forming machine, how to effectively change the production process What about it?
           The new hot press molding machine drive cylinder is generally connected to the air source by an air tube. The hot press forming device includes a hopper, and some forming tubes and heaters. The designed hopper is mounted on the frame, and the hollow molded tube is mounted. Generally connected to the bottom side of the hopper, the hopper is connected to the pressure tower, then the pressure column is connected to the transverse pressure block, the pressure column is moved and extended in the molding tube, and the heater is installed in the pipeline of the molding tube Therefore, the design structure of the hot press forming machine is very simple and reasonable, the operation is convenient, and the quality is guaranteed, so that a continuous and stable cork hot press forming process can be realized.

        In the technical field of brake pad production equipment, it is understood that the use of the brake pad hot press forming machine, and the cylinder is mounted on the tray by a positioning mechanism, and the cylinder is disposed between the cylinder and the template, close to The switch is electrically connected to the cylinder and fixedly mounted on the tray. Today's hot press forming machine can ensure the feeding operation of the brake pad, and at the same time ensure the quality of the brake pad forming process, the operation is simple and convenient, and the forming efficiency of the brake pad is improved.

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