Correct maintenance method of rubber injection molding machine

Feb 07, 2020

First, rubber injection molding machine the rubber mold wear curve for regular maintenance exists in every mold. Rubber mold repair is an abnormal wear and tear in the field, and the amount of stamping processing during this time is easy to learn. When the processing quantity is satisfied, the realization of rubber mold maintenance and maintenance plan are not only easy to learn maintenance items, but also easy to control the maintenance time.
2. Improved maintenance In order to extend the life of the mold, stable quality, easy maintenance, etc., some molds are improved for special maintenance.
Third, the daily maintenance refers to normal rubber mold cleaning, inspection, and moved to oil. This work is usually to confirm that the mold is in a normal state, and abnormalities can be detected early.
Fourth, there will be some changes in the processing of rubber molds for maintenance in an accident state, and the country cannot continue to use them. For example, the burr becomes larger, the wrong size, such as scars, burning of mold parts. The contents of mold repair and maintenance started due to similar abnormalities are called accidents. This kind of maintenance is usually used up to near limit, if the time of rubber mold maintenance cost is more important, life is short of mold. Because this is a sudden maintenance, there must be a planned shutdown of the equipment, and emergency repairs.

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