Extrusion moulding process|Introduction of plastic extrusion molding process

Oct 10, 2021

The extrusion molding industry is also known as extrusion molding, one of the commonly used plastic product production processes in the industry. Because of its obvious production advantages, it has been vigorously developed in recent years, so today we will introduce the plastic extrusion molding process in detail.

1. The flow of extrusion molding process

Extrusion molding is suitable for the molding and production of thermoplastic materials, as well as for the production of some thermosetting and reinforced plastic products with better fluidity. The production process is to use the rotation of the screw to transform the heated and melted thermoplastic raw materials from the desired cross-sectional shape. The die is extruded, and then qualitatively carried out by the sizing device, and then hardened and solidified by the cooler, and the finished product can be obtained at the end of the whole process.

2. Process characteristics of plastic extrusion molding equipment

1. Low equipment cost.
2. The operation is simple, the process is easy to control, and it is convenient to realize continuous automatic production.
3. High production efficiency; uniform and compact product quality.
4. Products or semi-finished products with various cross-sectional shapes can be formed by changing the die of the machine head

3. the application of plastic extrusion molding equipment

In the field of product design, extrusion molding has strong applicability. The types of extruded products include pipes, films, rods, monofilaments, flat ribbons, nets, hollow containers, windows, door frames, plates, cable cladding, monofilaments and other profiles, etc.

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