How to adjust the mold force of the vertical rubber injection molding machine lock

Mar 31, 2020

vertical rubber injection molding machine is one of the common equipment in injection molding machine. In practical applications, it is mainly widely used in the plastic products industry. When the vertical injection molding machine is used, it will encounter the problem of adjusting the clamping force, which will affect whether the machine can be normally produced and whether the produced product meets the requirements. Correctly adjusting the clamping force of the machine can extend the service life of the machine. So, how to adjust the clamping force of vertical injection molding machine?
 Vertical injection molding machine

Close the switch of the mold adjustment device of the vertical injection molding machine, and then adjust the thickness of the container until the two sides of the mold start to be fixed, and then disconnect the switch of the mold adjustment device. There is also manual operation to open the mold. When the mold is opened, the mold adjustment device is activated to reduce the mold thickness to produce the clamping force. The mold adjustment device is disconnected and the mold clamping operation is slow. The force is proportional, but if the die thickness is reduced too much, the die cannot be locked, so the die thickness should be reduced in a gradual manner.

When adjusting the clamping force of the vertical injection molding machine, the express clamping can not be used, and there is a need to terminate the stroke switch at the low pressure mold clamping of the vertical injection molding machine; if it is released, otherwise the moment of the clamping stroke termination stroke switch is pressed The pressure gauge will indicate the working pressure value of the clamping oil cylinder during the clamping action, and the display time is very short, which is also the reason why the express clamping cannot be used.

Adjustment of low-pressure clamping force In order to maintain the sensitivity of low-pressure clamping, the low-pressure clamping numerical control value 00 should be set when adjusting the low-pressure clamping force, so that the low-pressure clamping force is slightly higher than the resistance encountered during clamping. At the same time, it can achieve high-pressure mold clamping action.

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