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Aug 23, 2021


Let’s start with the clamping unit of the machine. The two most common clamping systems to choose from are hydraulic ram and electric toggle. Each offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Both are available in tiebar or tiebarless design.

The hydraulic clamp has a very simple construction with very few moving parts, as well as closed-loop clamp-force control using a hydraulic pressure transducer to maintain continuous clamp force throughout the process. In addition, the clamp-force setting can be changed without interrupting the process. The hydraulic clamp system offers greater flexibility for mold height, as the entire opening stroke is available for mold installation, and the mold height setup tends to be simpler with this system.

To utilize the advanced processing method of running injection in parallel to clamp-force buildup, a hydraulic machine must be equipped with a double hydraulic pump. Or instead you can use a hybrid machine system with an electric servo-controlled injection unit and hydraulically operated clamp. Either of these options will allow you to maintain a low clamp force during the injection sequence—making the small mold vents used in LSR tooling more efficient—and then increase the clamp force during the holding pressure and curing sequence when it is most important.

The electric toggle clamp provides more precise opening and closing positions for delicate demolding or robot takeoff operations, as well as the ability to implement injection parallel to mold-closing sequences with very precise clamp positioning. This differs from a hydraulic machine with injection parallel to clamp-force build up. The electric system will allow you to close the mold to a precise position with accuracy of better than 0.001 in. before you begin the injection sequence, and then continue mold closing with precise speed—allowing you to remove hard-to-vent trapped air or to eliminate venting completely with very low-viscosity materials. The electric system also can achieve faster dry-cycle times due to its quicker acceleration and deceleration.

One key functional difference between the hydraulic clamp and the electric toggle is how clamp force is monitored. Hydraulic machines monitor hydraulic pressure through a transducer, whereas the electric machine must measure stress on the tiebars or toggle. For this reason, many machine manufactures do not offer closed-loop clamp-force control on electric toggle machines.

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