How to clean the cooling system of vertical rubber injection molding machine

Jun 18, 2020

The flow rate of the hydraulic cooling channel of the vertical rubber injection molding machine is generally 40L/min, and the barrel is about 20L/min. Because there are too many POM materials, the mold does not require cold water, so how to meet the cooling requirements of the injection molding machine? and Control the cost?

If the 40T machine is only for cooling hydraulic oil, you need to buy a plastic bucket and use an air-conditioning pump to pump water to cool it. The air-conditioning pump must be bought. Generally speaking, the electricity consumption is equivalent to a 100W light bulb, which is very energy-saving.
vertical rubber injection molding machine
Compared with other injection molding machines that need to be cooled, the engine may be overheated for a long time and there may be a danger of cylinder explosion. If you want to avoid such bad failures, the radiator must work normally, but the key is to keep the cooling system running normally. Today's engines operate at a higher temperature than in the past, but because of the addition of the emission control system, the radiator, engine compartment and grille area have also become smaller.

It is generally recommended that the vertical rubber injection molding machine clean the cooling system once a year to maximize the life of the radiator. First of all, make sure that the engine is in a cooling state and turn off the engine; remove the radiator cover to ensure that the engine is cool; open the drain plug (or water pipe) at the bottom of the radiator to let the coolant flow into the barrel; close the drain plug (or install the water pipe) You can fill the radiator with water; turn on the engine, turn on the heater control system (so that you can operate the heater control valve), so that you can add the cooling system cleaner, empty the engine for 30 minutes; turn off the engine to cool down for 5 minutes, generally you can Drain the liquid in the radiator; close the drain plug, fill the radiator with water and let the engine run for 5 minutes; then refill the compound of 50/50 water and glycol antifreeze/coolant.

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