How to improve the gloss of vertical injection moulding machine for silicone

May 28, 2020

Vertical injection moulding machine for silicone mold surface gloss improvement generally requires professionals to operate, in the promotion process of rubber products, some products need matt, some need bright light, these are all subject to the situation, if there is a customer request The surface of SBR rubber products is shiny, while the rubber mold is a metal mold with a mold temperature of 150 degrees Celsius.

    Specific analysis of specific problems, through field testing, it is possible to propose the following two solutions:
vertical injection moulding machine
    1. Vertical injection moulding machine for silicone molds are generally treated with water-based semi-permanent mold release agents. Each shift is usually processed in 8 hours, sprayed 4 layers per treatment, and then cured at 150 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes. Before putting the film, spray a layer of diluent with water-based mold release agent. Then put on the film production, every time you release the mold, you need to spray the diluent of the release agent. In doing so, you can make the product surface significantly brighter than before. Customers can accept

    2. Mold processing Each time before putting into the film, spray a dilution of the water-based release agent (1:80 weight ratio), 1 layer, and then put into the film production. The product significantly improves the brightness.

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