Hydraulic partial failure analysis of Vertical injection moulding machine

Oct 31, 2019

      (1) Vertical injection moulding machine:

      1): Air is mixed into the oil, generally because the pipe joints, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic cylinders are not well sealed. Generally, there are bubbles on the tank.

      2): The oil is mixed with water to make the oil become milky white. The general reason is because the cooler leaks or the environment is wet.

      3): The oil is mixed with solid impurities, mainly chips, welding slag, rust and metal powder.

      4): Gummy substances are produced in the oil. Mainly because the seal is eroded by oil or the oil is degraded, so that a gelatinous substance is generated in the oil, which often causes the pores to clog.
                                                         vertical injection moulding machine
      (2) What effect does temperature have on the viscosity of hydraulic oil:

      As the temperature increases, the viscosity of the oil decreases. Changes in oil viscosity directly affect hydraulic system performance and leakage.

       (3) Crawling failure:

       Generally, the vertical injection moulding machine has poor lubrication conditions, resulting in "pause-slide-pause". At this time, it is necessary to increase the amount of lubrication. If the air is immersed in the hydraulic system, it needs to be vented. For reasons of mechanical rigidity, the parts are worn and deformed, which causes frictional changes to cause creep and requires replacement of parts.

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