Injection compression molding concept

Oct 10, 2021

"Injection compression molding" means that the thermoplastic polymer melt enters a slightly open mold, and at the same time or subsequently performs short-stroke clamping and compression. This short-stroke clamping and compression can be done by machine or by stamping in the mold. The pressure established in the mold cavity is evenly distributed in two directions on the product surface. Usually its purpose is to improve the precision of the product surface, dimensional stability and repeatability of the production process. The injection compression molding process is a low-pressure molding process that will not damage the inserts, such as decorative films or metal inserts. Due to the low pressure process of the injection compression molding process, the decorative parts or metal inserts are protected.
In optical engineering applications, low injection pressure and holding pressure can minimize internal stress and therefore have a significant impact on optical properties. The injection molding machine must therefore have a high degree of adaptability, as well as a very precise and repetitive movement function.

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