Liquid silicone rubber injection molding machine|LSR liquid silicone molding process

Jan 26, 2022

Liquid silicone rubber injection molding machine

Liquid silica gel, referred to as LSR in English, is a product that can be favored by consumers and manufacturers. Liquid silica gel is made of silicone products, which has good elasticity, waterproof and moisture resistance, and is resistant to acid, alkali and other chemical substances. Therefore, it is generally used to replace living plastic products.
Liquid silicone rubber injection molding technology (LIM) is a new and efficient silicone rubber molding method developed in the late 1970s. It combines liquid silicone rubber with excellent performance and equipment that can complete injection molding precisely and stably The new type of silicone rubber molding and processing technology formed only needs to load two components (which may also include auxiliary components such as color matching) into the equipment, and it is fully automatic from feeding, metering, mixing to molding. This processing technology can achieve the purpose of simplifying the process, shortening the processing time, saving materials and improving efficiency. And basically no waste edges are produced in the production process, which is beneficial to environmental protection.
The entire injection molding system is divided into the following parts:
The first unit is the metering and feeding unit, which accurately measures the two components of the liquid silicone rubber directly from the packaging barrel into the system through the hydraulic pressure plate;
The second unit is a mixing unit, which fully mixes the two components entering the system through a static mixer, and does not bring air bubbles into the system;
The third unit is the injection molding unit. The mixed silicone rubber material is quantitatively injected into the mold through the injection unit, and evenly distributed to each mold cavity, and then thermally vulcanized. The whole process is fully automated, and manual control can be achieved after setting the parameters to improve production efficiency.

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