Maintenance and safe operation of hydraulic press

Jun 22, 2021

Many friends do not know how to maintain the hydraulic press and the correct and safe operation method.

hydraulic press

(1) Maintenance

1. It is recommended to use No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil as the working oil. The oil temperature is within the range of 15-60 degrees Celsius, and it is absolutely not allowed to use it above 60 degrees Celsius.

2. The hydraulic oil is allowed to be added to the oil tank after strict filtration.

3. The working oil is filtered once a year and the oil tank is cleaned. The first filtering time should not exceed three months

4. The sliding block should be filled with lubricating oil frequently, and the moving friction surfaces such as the column and the guide rail should be kept clean frequently, and the lubricating oil should be sprayed before each work. For hydraulic machines with automatic lubrication, check whether the lubrication is normal.

5. The maximum allowable eccentricity of the concentrated load is 3% under the nominal pressure. Excessive eccentricity may cause strain on the column or other undesirable phenomena.

6. Check once a week whether the fastening parts are loose, especially the connecting parts of the piston and the slider, and the connecting bolts of the filling valve. If they are loose, they should be strengthened immediately.

7. Regularly check the leakage of the entire pipeline, and immediately eliminate any leaks found.

8. Regularly check the levelness of the work surface and the parallelism between the sliding block and the work table, and immediately correct the deviation if it is found.

9. Calibrate and check the pressure gauge every six months;

10. If the machine is out of service for a long time, the processed surfaces should be scrubbed clean and coated with anti-rust oil.

(2) Safety operating procedures

1. Those who do not understand the structure, performance or operating procedures of the machine should not start the machine without authorization.

2. During the working process of the machine, no overhaul and mold adjustment should be carried out.

3. When the machine finds serious oil leakage or other abnormalities (such as unreliable action, loud noise, vibration, etc.), it should stop and analyze the cause, try to eliminate it, and not put it into production with illness.

4. Do not use with overloading or exceeding the maximum eccentricity:

5. It is strictly prohibited to exceed the maximum stroke of the slider.

6. It is strictly prohibited to exceed the maximum nominal pressure.

7. The grounding of electrical equipment must be firm and reliable.

8. At the end of daily work, put the slider to the lowest position.

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