Maintenance precautions for Vertical injection moulding machine for rubber

Nov 07, 2019

       Non-professional injection molding machine maintenance personnel or without the permission of professional injection molding machine maintenance personnel, cannot dismantle the molds and repair Vertical Injection moulding machine for rubber by themselves.

       If there is a small fault in the production process, the adjuster can solve it according to the situation. For example, the glue inlet mold can generally be knocked out with a copper needle at the feeding nozzle. It is not possible to directly use a hard object such as a steel needle to knock the mold.
Vertical injection moulding machine for rubber
       The mold cavity has slight mold marks. Generally, the polished material can be directly selected according to the finish of the cavity. If there is a textured surface, you can not use polishing materials such as sandpaper. Generally, copper brushes are dipped in diamond paste or diamond mortar for brushing, and are usually completed by professional maintenance personnel.

           Product sticky molds, generally cover the product and ejection parts with hot plastic, and eject them after waiting for cooling. If you use fire, pay attention not to damage the surface of the mold.

       When professionals repair the mold, it is best not to change the structure at will. The structure that needs to be changed must be approved by the quality engineering department before it can be carried out.

       To ensure the quality of repairs, it is best to choose the right equipment, materials, tools, and methods of problem solving to ensure rapid completion.

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