Many people don't know the hydraulic maintenance of automatic vertical rubber injection molding machine?

Dec 28, 2019

        Insufficient oil pressure in the automatic vertical rubber injection molding machine may cause the oil temperature to rise, because the air is easily soluble in the oil, which will easily affect the oil quality and thus affect the normal operation of the hydraulic system of the vertical injection molding machine. Insufficient oil is caused by oil leaks and losses during repairs. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to check the hydraulic system for leaks. It is necessary to replace the worn seals as soon as possible, and to check after repair.
automatic vertical rubber injection molding machine
        Generally, the ideal temperature of hydraulic oil for automatic vertical rubber injection molding machine should be between 45 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, because the hydraulic system can be designed according to the viscosity of the pressure oil, but the viscosity will change with the change of oil temperature, which will eventually affect the hydraulic pressure. The working part of the system, which will reduce the control accuracy and response sensitivity. In addition, an excessively high temperature will also accelerate the aging hardening and fracture of the seal. If the temperature is too low, the processing energy consumption will also be large, and the speed of operation may be reduced.

         The quality of hydraulic oil, the important property of hydraulic oil is chemical stability, that is, oxidation stability. If it is unstable, it may cause the oxidized hydraulic oil to block various gaps and block the holes, resulting in the failure of the final hydraulic system.

         Oil filter cleaning. The oil filter plays the role of cleaning hydraulic oil. The oil filter should be cleaned every few months. In order to keep the suction pipe open, you need to check the oil filter for damage.

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