Pay attention to several issues when purchasing automatic vertical rubber injection molding machine

Jun 17, 2020

1. Collect automatic vertical rubber injection molding machine related application data and component dimensions, as well as the plastic product specifications and injection molding dimensions of plastic materials and instructions that need to be produced

2. Because of the required clamping force, it is necessary to check the component height, wall thickness, material, core and projection surface to determine the required clamping force
automatic vertical rubber injection molding machine
3. Verify the space of the selected clamping device: verify the mold size, horizontal, vertical and closed height correspond to the relationship of the selected clamping device, and if necessary, increase the selection of clamping mold

4. Injection molding machine cycle time: According to the wall thickness, process, gate thickness, ribs and flanges, determine the approximate filling, packing and cooling time, according to the core of the part, the action of the slide valve and the discharge of any necessary parts Approximate mold clamping traverse time and component discharge will help determine the required machine operating specifications.

5. The clamping speed of the injection molding machine is generally picked up periodically: whether the clamping performance of the setting machine is sufficient to achieve the required working performance. If greater work performance is required, decide whether the faster traverse speed is appropriate and/or useful. Check the options for increasing the pinching speed and make a picking decision.

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