Pressure molding machine | Molding vulcanization process - molding machine pressure

Apr 28, 2022

Pressure molding machine
It refers to the set pressure of the molding vulcanizer. Controlled by the pressure gauge and computer, enough pressure can close the mold, the rubber can be fully pressed into the mold, and the vulcanization of the rubber is completed, resulting in a small amount of moisture and bubbles. The bubbles of the product can be controlled by exhaust. The rubber has high hardness, poor flow, high selection pressure and high pressure, which is easy to squeeze the die blade. The pressure is related to the shape and size of the die. If the die size is small, the pressure should be reduced accordingly to prevent the deformation of the die and vulcanizer plate. When adjusting the pressure of the vulcanizer, the maximum pressure of the vulcanizer shall not exceed the maximum pressure of the vulcanizer, otherwise the machine will be damaged. Non pressurization of empty mold (except injection mold) is an effective measure to protect the blade of mold and prolong the service life of mold.

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