Recycling agriculture: "packing" the straw, turning waste into treasure!|Compression Moulding Machine Specification

Sep 06, 2021

With the development of agriculture and rural economy, the waste produced in the production process is increasing, and the waste phenomenon is intensified. In order to protect the living environment of human beings and alleviate the contradiction of increasing energy shortage, we must deal with more and more waste materials from agriculture, forestry, agricultural and sideline product processing industries, and urban garbage and other organic matters. Therefore, a compression molding fuel technology of agricultural and forestry waste that can not only solve environmental protection but also produce alternative fuels, is getting more and more attention.
At present, the collection and utilization of agricultural waste resources such as straws mainly include compression bundling and compression molding. Compression and bundling method. In the process of straw collection, there are common problems such as low bale density, high bundling cost, poor bundling stability, and complex collection equipment. The research and development of high-density, high-stability compression molding technology and compression system without bundling rope have become The current research focus: The compression molding method is to directly compress the chopped straw into blocks or pellets. There are many types of compression molding equipment at home and abroad. The straw pellet machine or straw briquetting machine developed at home and abroad is mainly used for compression molding equipment. There are spiral compression molding machines, piston compression molding machines, and compression molding machines. Most of them have excessive energy consumption and unit product cost, and are suitable for fixed operations. There are patents that realize high-density straw compression molding without ropes, but they cannot To achieve continuous production, the efficiency of the small-scale system is low, and the supporting performance of the equipment is poor, making it difficult to promote. In view of the principle of steel rolling and forming, according to the relative movement relationship between the rolled piece and the roll during rolling, it can be divided into longitudinal rolling, cross rolling and cross rolling; in order to obtain high-density, high-stability compressed straw without bundles, the longitudinal multiple The high-level rolling method makes the straw compression molding technology with high-density bundleless ropes have development and application value.

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