Rubber press forming|Process flow of rubber pressing

Nov 09, 2021

rubber press forming

The process flow of rubber pressing is as follows:
1. Plasticizing. At a specific temperature, mechanical extrusion, rolling and other methods are used to break the molecular chain of the raw rubber, so that it is transformed from a strong and elastic state to a soft and plastic state. This transformation of the processing process is called Plasticizing
2. Mixing. In order to improve the process performance of rubber, improve the performance of rubber products and reduce costs, various compounding agents must be added to the raw rubber. This process of mixing various compounding agents into the raw rubber to make a rubber compound of uniform quality is called mixing.
3. Billet making. Rolling or extruding the rubber compound into the required blank is called a blank, which is generally a sheet, but can also be a profile or a pipe.
4. Cutting. When cutting the blank, the mass fraction of the blank should have a margin greater than the mass fraction of the finished product by 5%~10%. The margin can be reduced to 1%~2% when the closed compression mold is formed with a precise structure, and a certain amount of interference It can not only ensure that the compound fills the cavity, but also maintain sufficient pressure during molding and eliminate the gas in the mold. When cutting, a punch or a disc knife can be used to cut according to the shape of the cavity.
5. Molded vulcanization. The main process of rubber compression molding is compression vulcanization, which includes feeding, mold closing, vulcanization, demolding, and mold cleaning. Into a rubber product with high elasticity. The demoulded rubber products are finished products after trimming and inspection.



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