Several Misunderstandings in the Lubrication and Maintenance of Hydraulic Press

Jun 21, 2021

Numerical control hydraulic press has strong versatility. It adds pressure sensor to hydraulic machine tool. After data acquisition and system processing composed of microcomputer, it is converted into pressing force value and digitally displayed. When the limit is exceeded, it will send out sound and light alarm and shutdown signal. In order to achieve the purpose of automatic control of the pressing force, the following are the maintenance and diagnosis misunderstandings that are prone to occur in several hydraulic presses.

hydraulic press

1 need lubrication and add a little oil

Due to the differences in the working methods and conditions of each part of the equipment, there are strict requirements for the refueling cycle, the amount of refueling each time and the refueling method of each lubrication point. Drivers and maintenance personnel should follow the requirements strictly Implementation, can not add a little oil at will, it is difficult to meet the lubrication requirements.

2 It does no harm to add more lubricating oil

The structural type and operating conditions of the equipment's operating parts determine the amount of fuel to be added, and there are usually clear regulations and requirements in the equipment's operating instructions. The maintenance personnel should make appropriate supplements according to the operating instructions, the oil level or dipstick and the window of the equipment configuration, and excessive filling of lubricating oil will be harmful and useless.

3 It has been oiled and still lacks lubrication

The different moving parts, working methods and ambient temperature of the equipment have different requirements for lubricants. Different types and different brands of lubricants should be filled according to the requirements. Only use lubricants that contain necessary additives and have the required physical and chemical indicators to make the equipment have good lubrication. It is a bad thing to add oil without looking at the brand.

4 Dry quickly after adding lubricating oil

Strictly speaking, this is a misunderstanding in conceptual understanding. Only fuel is directly involved.
Take part in the work. Adding lubricating oil generally refers to adding lubricating oil between the friction pairs that move with each other, filling the unevenness with it, and maintaining a certain thickness of lubricating oil film, so as to separate the two contacting surfaces of the friction pair and reduce friction The purpose of resistance and wear reduction, while also cooling the parts and sealing. These functions of refueling indirectly support the work of fuel.

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