Silicone rubber vulcanizing press|What are the production equipment for silicone products

Jan 26, 2022

silicone rubber vulcanizing press

With the vigorous development of the rubber product industry in recent years, traditional silicone product production equipment is increasingly unable to meet the production needs of silicone product enterprises. With the surge in production capacity and the increasingly fierce competition, the demand for equipment automation by silicone product manufacturers is also increasing. powerful. Now, what are the production equipment for silicone products that are necessary for silicone product manufacturers?
How to integrate existing resources for silicone product manufacturers to solve industrial problems such as mixing, molding, cutting, and continuous production is a problem that every silicone product manufacturer needs to consider; under the background of the booming industry, high [ High efficiency automatic production line is highly sought after, using automatic metering system, automatic powder feeding device, rubber mixing machine, etc., as well as automatic filling and color matching system and forming machine, online detection and monitoring system, cartoning machine, carton sealing machine, etc. A complete set of production lines with a very high degree of automation are formed, and it is also a combination of modern new silicone product production equipment; silicone product manufacturers can ensure consistent high-stability quality products, reduce costs, improve [] workshop production environment and reduce The main purpose of employing people and reducing labor intensity is to reduce environmental pollution.
In addition, silicone rubber products are very common in our daily life. For example, refrigerator sealing strips are made of silicone rubber. In addition, some medical [medical] instruments or some silicone products, sealing strips or rubber tubes, sealing rings and other products used in some food utensils are all made of silicone. Among them, the silicone rubber extruder is a molding equipment used to extrude these silicone products. It can also be said that the production processes used for different silicone products are different. For example, the silicone rubber seal only needs to be extruded with a silicone extruder during production, and then vulcanized by a vulcanizer to obtain the product. The seal we need.

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