Theoretical knowledge of injection molding machine

Mar 23, 2022

Injection molding machine structure

Body frame (clamping mechanism, shooting table device,)
Electrical Communication (Control Panel)
Hydraulic system (oil flow channel)
Cooling system (plastic injection device cooling, hydraulic oil cooling)

Five elements of plastic molding

Temperature: (Barrel temperature, material temperature, mold temperature, drying temperature, oil temperature, ambient temperature, etc.)
Pressure: (injection pressure, holding pressure, back pressure, demolding pressure, opening pressure, clamping pressure, etc.)
Speed: (injection speed, return speed, mold opening and closing speed, demoulding speed, etc.)
Position: (measurement position, ejection position, mold opening position, etc.)
Time: (injection time, holding time, cooling time, drying time, metering delay time, etc.)
The working principle of the injection molding machine is to use the screw filler first, and then use the electric heating element to heat the barrel to melt the plastic rice. At this time, the oil motor works to drive the material rod to rotate. Because the material rod rotates in a spiral shape, a thrust is generated, and the material in the barrel is rotated. The melted plastic is squeezed into the mold through the injection nozzle, and the components are taken out after cooling. This is the injection molding process. (Forming definition summary is thermoforming)

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