Three points to note about LSR injection molding machine

Nov 15, 2019

             There are many differences in the rubber processing operation between LSR injection molding machine and traditional thermoplastic injection molding machine. LSR is very different from traditional thermoplastic materials in terms of shrinkage, demolding, mold materials and temperature control, etc. Difficulty LSR is greater than ordinary thermoplastics.
LSR injection molding machine
             In order to achieve precision injection molding of LSR, the following points should be noted:

            (1) To fully mix liquid silica gel, precise mixing ratio is required. LSR is a two-component raw material of A and B. Before injection molding, it must be mixed according to a precise one-to-one ratio. If this colored liquid is also a silicone product, then the color paste ratio needs to be accurately controlled. In addition, the static mixer is a key part of LSR injection molding. After the mixture is completely uniformly mixed, the A and B glues can only be completely cured and molded into the mold.

            (2) For the sealing and temperature control of injection molding machine parts, because the viscosity of the LSR is low, it is necessary to consider the backflow and leakage of the material, so the screw must be sealed. The mold is heated during the LSR forming process, so in order to prevent the LSR from solidifying, a water-cooled nozzle can be used to ensure a low temperature.

            (3) For finished product control during injection molding, the parting line generally considers the position and accuracy of the parting line in advance, which is helpful to avoid entrainment and welding air of the finished product to avoid burrs.

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