Understand the basic principles of hydraulic press

Jun 21, 2021

Why can the hydraulic system drive the hydraulic press?

hydraulic press

The basic principle of the hydraulic press is very simple: the force acting on one point is transferred to another point through an incompressible liquid. Usually some kind of oil is used as the liquid medium. In this process, the force usually increases.

Suppose that two suitable pistons are placed in two cylinders that are filled with oil and connected by an oil pipe. If one of the pistons is pressed down, the pressure will be transmitted to the second piston through the oil in the oil pipe. Due to the incompressibility of the oil, the pressure transmission efficiency is very high, and almost all the force is transmitted to the second piston. The pipe connecting the two cylinders can be of any length and any shape, as long as it can pass through all the devices between the two pistons. The pipe can be bifurcated so that if necessary, the main cylinder can have more driving force than the auxiliary cylinder.

The subtlety of hydraulic press design is that the process of pressurizing (or depressurizing) the system is very simple. You only need to change the size of a piston head and a cylinder. The pressure of the liquid medium is the same at every point in the system. The pressure exerted on the larger piston has a larger area, and the upward pushing force received by the piston is also larger.

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