What are the advantages of electromagnetic heating transformation of vertical rubber injection molding machine?

Feb 28, 2020

vertical rubber injection molding machine has many characteristics and excellent functions, which can reduce processing time and processing volume. Plastic processing is expanded by injection molding machines. The workpiece produced by the vertical injection molding machine is very smooth from the perspective of the plastic surface, and the reject rate is particularly low. There are many advantages after the electromagnetic heating transformation of the vertical injection molding machine. Let me introduce you:

The advantage is that the energy saving effect is good. Compared with the original resistance wire heating coil, the power saving effect is more than 30%. Compared with different raw materials and different products, the power saving effect changes. Eighty percent

Environmental protection is good, the purchase of plastic injection molding machines can significantly reduce the ambient temperature. Long service life, the continuous operating temperature of the heating coil is only about 100 ° C, and there is no problem of heating coil replacement. Compared with the original resistance wire heating, the secondary investment is reduced. It can increase product output. Because of the high heating efficiency of electromagnetic heating products, which can reach more than 90%, plastic injection molding machines can significantly reduce the heating time and increase product output.

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