What are the advantages of extrusion moulding process

Oct 10, 2021

In recent years, with the development of modern extrusion molding technology, people continue to expand, research and develop new technical methods. Extrusion molding equipment has more functions and structures, and it must be in the market! Now let us take a closer look at what are the advantages of extrusion molding? List the following 9 items for everyone:
1. The first advantage lies in high work efficiency, low cost, and wide range of adaptability. During the processing, the adaptability is extremely strong, the uses are also relatively wide, and the output accounts for a large proportion.
2. With modern development, it has become one of the most important forms in the field of polymer processing.
3. Except for some thermosetting plastics, most plastic materials are suitable for production and processing. 50% of thermoplastic plastic products are completed by extrusion molding.
4. Not only used in the production of plastic products, but also often used in the molding of chemical fibers or some rubber products, using extrusion molding processing methods, common building materials, wires and cables, pipe materials and other continuous products in daily life.
5. It can also act as a supporting role, such as mixing, granulating, coloring, and blending modification of polymer materials.
6. Improve material deformation ability.
7. In the field of polymer processing, extrusion molding produces a wide range of varieties, flexibility and high productivity.
8. The high quality of the product can improve the structure of the raw material, improve the mechanical properties, and make the product high in dimensional accuracy.
9. Great flexibility. As long as you change the mold, you can use one machine and equipment to carry out products of different shapes, sizes, and varieties. Don't worry, changing the mold will be simple and convenient, time-consuming, and efficient!
The above advantages determine the important position of extrusion molding in polymer processing and penetrate into our various industries. Of course, people have been pursuing full automation and intelligence in production, and a fully automatic extrusion molding machine is definitely indispensable.

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