What are the basic conditions for rubber vertical injection molding machine injection molding?

Feb 21, 2022

Rubber vertical injection molding machine

1. In principle, the total pressure of plastic injection into the mold should be based on no burrs.
2. Has the same contact effect to get the material into the mold. The right amount fills all corners, too low will lead to short shots, shrinkage, excessive hair, oversaturation, sticking, burning, vulnerable molds and high-grade internal stress.
3. Speed: The speed of the vertical injection molding machine determines the speed of the mold runner and the material in the product. Raw edge. Over-saturated, scorched slowly, short shots, shrinkage, poor bonding and easy breakage, etc.
4. Temperature: Different materials, different temperatures, uneven color of the solution glue, and increased internal stress of the product. Because the temperature is too low and the pressurization is too high, the vertical injection molding machine screw may break. Product burrs are too high. The temperature difference is shortened due to the cooling temperature difference. The material will break down, turn yellow, discolor and break easily. The cooling time becomes longer, the gas is not easy to be discharged, and there will be gas.
5. Back pressure: The resistance of the screw to retreat when rotating and feeding is called back pressure. The effect makes the material tighter in conveying compression. It allows the air and water of the material to be expelled from the back of the screw. Make the sol free of gas components that affect the appearance of the product, otherwise there will be bubbles and silver streaks. It will overheat, clump, and overflow. The cycle is long, and the screw does not retreat; at the same time, the application of loosening is very important. When the back pressure is low, some materials will loosen, and some materials do not need to adjust the back pressure according to different materials. When the back pressure of the vertical injection molding machine is high, it must be loosened. Pay attention to the distance not to interfere with the air and not to overflow the glue.
6. The length of concave and convex and cooling time affects the sticking and shrinkage of the product. Scale sharing, appearance brightness, cycle, etc., should be adjusted in time according to the actual situation. In addition, acrylic, PC and other products should have a mold temperature when the meat is thick to avoid bubbles and stress.

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