What are the benefits of increasing the injection pressure and maintaining the pressure of vertical rubber injection molding machine?

Dec 09, 2019

           Vertical rubber injection molding machine Increased injection pressure helps to overcome the resistance generated by the flow path. The pressure wave transmitted to the firing pin can then apply high pressure to the molten weld, thereby increasing the density of the welding line and finally allowing the molecular chain to extend along the pressure. Direction, the strength of the final weld line will increase.
vertical rubber injection molding machine
           Generally speaking, the closer the weld is to the gate, the higher the strength of the weld. Because the pressure outside the gate is very high, the pressure is relatively low. Increasing the holding pressure is beneficial to improve the density and strength of the weld. This can provide more kinetic energy for the movement of the molecular chain, which can promote the combination of the two melts, thereby improving the strength of the weld,

            Increasing the injection speed and shortening the injection time of the vertical rubber injection molding machine can both make the two chains have a melt, and at the same time, they can encounter higher temperatures and activities. It is possible to increase the injection rate and shorten the filling time of the vertical injection molding machine. Reduce the melt viscosity, thereby further relaxing the molecular chains in the weld. Weld strength is very sensitive to the fill time, which increases as the fill time decreases.

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