What are the factors that affect the molding of Vertical injection moulding machine for rubber?

Nov 26, 2019

          Vertical injection moulding machine for rubber during manufacturing molding will have many factors that cause the product to be defective, such as temperature and injection time, which may affect the molded product.


          The temperature mentioned here refers to the temperature of the mold and the temperature of the raw material heating. The mold temperature is mainly an indispensable link during injection molding. The lower the mold temperature, the faster the speed of heat loss due to heat conduction, and the higher the melt temperature. Low, the worse the associated liquidity.
Vertical injection moulding machine for rubber
          Therefore, accurate control of the mold temperature is crucial for injection molding. Then it is the raw material heating temperature. Due to the special nature of the material, it needs to be heated in the raw material tank, such as BMC material.

          2.Time control of injection molding

          The impact of injection time on the quality of injection molded products is mainly reflected in these three aspects.

          Long injection time will cause the product to reach the optimal molding temperature, which will lead to poor molding materials.If the injection time is not enough, and the mold cannot be filled at all, it will also affect the product quality.

           When the injection time is shortened, the shear strain rate in the melt is increased, so that the shear heating is greater, and less heat is lost due to heat conduction. Therefore, the higher the melt temperature, the lower the viscosity. The injection pressure will be reduced accordingly. This shows that the injection molding process needs to be tested and monitored at any time.

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