What is a rubber injection molding machine?

Jul 26, 2021

What is a rubber injection molding machine?
Rubber Injection Molding Machine [Rubber Injection Molding Machine] is a technology for the production of rubber molded products. Referred to as injection machine or injection molding machine, it is the main molding equipment that uses plastic molding dies to make thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics into various shapes of plastic products. Injection molding is achieved through injection molding machines and molds.
Mainly used in the production of rubber molded products, such as electrical insulation parts, shock-proof pads, seals, shoe soles and industrial and mining rain boots. At present, it has been widely used at home and abroad.
The main features of rubber injection machine are:
1. Simplify the process, can realize the high temperature and rapid vulcanization of rubber products, and shorten the production cycle;
2. The product size is accurate, the physical and mechanical properties are uniform, and the quality is high. It is especially suitable for the molding and vulcanization of thick-walled products;
3. The rate of authenticity is high, and the product has less burrs;
4. Simple operation, reduced labor intensity, high degree of mechanization and automation;
The mechanism of the injection machine and its mold is relatively complicated, the investment is large, and the maintenance level is relatively high, and it is mostly used for the production of large-scale molded products;
At present, there are many types of injection machines in the world. According to the plasticization method, there are plunger type and screw type; according to the type of machine transmission, there are hydraulic and mechanical; according to the type of mold clamping device, there are straight Press type, hydraulic mechanical type and secondary action type; according to the configuration of the machine parts, there are bedroom, vertical, angle, multi-mold injection machines, etc.;

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