What is High pressure forming machine?

Aug 20, 2019

What is High pressure forming machine?

The so-called high-pressure molding machine is a machine mainly designed for PC, PMMA, ABS+PMMA and other related films. This high-pressure molding machine generally adopts a 350°C aluminum far-infrared heater heated up and down by means of fast and uniform heating. The film sheet is then quickly moved in and out of the fast gas to form a large, stable and fast mass production operation.
Structural features of the high-pressure molding machine: The working table of the molding machine is large, 800*500, which is very suitable for producing a variety of automotive products, or other products. Generally equipped with an external heating system, this can be used to make special requirements. There is also a safety device for anti-pressure relief, and the hydraulic design structure of the machine is also stable. Generally, the molding pressure can reach 30KG.

Both the upper and lower molds on the mold have a temperature display to ensure stable film formation. The heating system consumables of the molding machine are very cheap and durable, and generally use stainless steel as the heating tube. The whole machine numerical control has the advantages of stable molding, small product stress, rapid prototyping and high stretch forming.

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