What is the key configuration of the vertical injection molding machine?

Feb 17, 2022

The vertical injection molding machine is controlled by microcomputer, and the power system is controlled by hydraulic transmission. The plastic is heated by the heating ring in the material tube, the screw of the material tube is rotated, and the pre-plastic is melted and injected into the mold cavity. After cooling, mold opening, and ejection, the product is obtained. Continuing with the mold, the vertical injection molding machine can be set for manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic production.
1. In small batch trial production or trial production of molds, the mold structure is simple, the cost is low, and it is easy to unload and replace different molds. The die face is upward, the insert is easy to place and position, the weight of the die is supported by the horizontal die plate, and there will be no chamfering phenomenon similar to that of the horizontal die, so that the die plate cannot be opened and closed, which is beneficial to maintain the die accuracy for a long time.
2. Features of the skateboard machine: The upper die is fixed and the lower die can be moved by sliding. If the belt conveyor device is combined with the manipulator, it can easily realize automatic insert molding.
3. The characteristics of the disc machine: the mold can be rotated 360 degrees, and one or two molds can be used for multi-mold injection molding. It is equipped with a rotating table, a moving table and an inclined table, which is easy to achieve insert molding and in-mold combined molding. It can be automatically operated by a simple manipulator to take out the cavity molding of each plastic part.
4. Features of the fixed machine: Generally, the clamping device is open around, and it is easy to configure various automation devices, which is suitable for automatic molding of simple and delicate products.
5. Features of vertical injection molding machine two-color machine: two upper molds, two lower molds, alternating front and back, independent locking molds, movable template separation, two-color automatic car handle, toothbrush handle, double watch strap, fruit cutting artifact, etc.

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