What's the matter with the injection molding machine not being able to open the mold?

Mar 23, 2022

If the injection molding machine cannot open the mold, we first increase the mold opening force of the injection molding machine, and the mold opening force cannot be opened. open. For example, if you put it on a 500-gram injection molding machine, the injection molding machine cannot open it. You put it on the 2kg injection molding machine. It definitely pulled away at once. If you put it on a 2kg injection molding machine, you take it to a 4kg injection molding machine and it pulls away at once.
Another method is to use the principle of heating the cavity, unilateral heating, thermal expansion and contraction, and then open it with the injection molding machine if there is no larger model injection molding machine.

Analysis of the situation that the mold cannot be opened:
First: The mechanical origin of the mold clamping is improperly adjusted when the injection molding machine leaves the factory. It is too far ahead, causing the mechanism to be stuck. If the mold cannot be opened frequently, you should doubt this aspect and ask the manufacturer to tune it.
Second: the organization is still stuck. For the old machine is not the first case, to be suspicious of this situation.
Third: the oil seal of the clamping cylinder is damaged and leaks oil, causing the actual mold opening pressure to not rise. For this reason, it is useless to look at the pressure gauge, and the cylinder should be disassembled for inspection.
Fourth: the valve core of the mold opening solenoid valve is not moving well, or is stuck, and the valve core is not in place. The solution is to disassemble the solenoid valve and check.
Fifth: see if the parameter design is appropriate and whether the pressure is not large enough.
Sixth: There may be a problem with the lubrication of the clamping system. Inspection and maintenance.

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