Best High Pressure Forming Machine

Best High Pressure Forming Machine

High pressure formers for thermoforming, radiant heaters are used to heat the film above its softening temperature. The film is then drawn into heated molds and shaped by vacuum and compressed air.

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Qiaolian machine is the brand for machinery of Siwarde group.We have been committed to the development and research of PC/ABS/PMMA sheet,silicone and rubber forming equipment more than 10 years.We have much experience in manufacturing compression molding machine,vacuum compression molding machine,rubber injection molding machine,LSR injection molding machine,extrusion machine,banbury mixer and mixnig mill machine,as well as related technologies.

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High pressure molding machine applications

Mobile phone back cover, mobile phone cover, battery cover, home appliance panel, mouse shell, notebook shell, switch panel, helmet, smart lock, ultra-thin battery shell, car dashboard, car interior parts and other related electronic product shells.

Application of High Pressure Forming Machine

The working principle of a high pressure forming machine is based on the principle of hydraulic pressure. In a high pressure forming machine, a preheated plastic material is placed into a mold cavity, and a clamping mechanism is used to apply pressure to the material. The pressure applied by the clamping mechanism causes the plastic material to flow and fill the mold cavity, taking on the shape of the mold.

High pressure molding machine process

Place the printed film into the molding tool
Printed film heated by infrared heater (temperature adjustable)
The printed film is clamped inside the molding tool and formed in its softening temperature region by suddenly applying compressed air that is heated under high pressure.
By thermoforming, radiant heaters are used to heat the film to a level much higher than its softening temperature.
The film is then drawn into a heated mold by vacuum and/or compressed air and formed. In addition, the film can be contoured mechanically using punches or other expertise.

Advantages of pressure molded plastics

Pressure molding, which is commonly used in medical devices due to its ability to provide complex shapes with high-precision edges and more ideal surfaces. Office equipment, such as telephones, can also take advantage of the technological advances offered by pressure-molded plastics. It is also used in the main control panel and detailed components for small manufacturing jobs.

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The printed film is sandwiched inside the forming tool and formed within its softening temperature range by suddenly applying high pressure to heat the compressed air. For thermoforming, a radiant heater is used to heat the film to a temperature well above its softening temperature.

Instead of pumping the air between the plastic and the mold through a vacuum, pressure molding uses high pressure to push the plastic down into the lower abdomen of the mold. In pressure molding, the machine used to hold the plastic mold in place will ensure that the material is heated to the correct temperature for proper flexibility.

Overall, high pressure forming machines are commonly used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, and consumer goods. They are used to manufacture a wide range of parts and products, and are known for their speed, accuracy, and ability to produce complex shapes and designs.

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