High Quality Sheet Thermoforming Machine

High Quality Sheet Thermoforming Machine

The sheet is extended by softening by heat, and then by virtue of the pressure applied, the softened sheet is close to the mold surface, molded into a set pattern, and the product is obtained after cooling modification.

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Qiaolian machine is the brand for machinery of Siwarde group.We have been committed to the development and research of PC/ABS/PMMA sheet,silicone and rubber forming equipment more than 10 years.We have much experience in manufacturing compression molding machine,vacuum compression molding machine,rubber injection molding machine,LSR injection molding machine,extrusion machine,banbury mixer and mixnig mill machine,as well as related technologies.

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Double sheet thermoforming

Two-sheet thermoforming uses two sheets, making it possible to produce a double-sided hollow box part with features on both sides.

Double sheet thermoforming expands the application of hot compression molding, and in some cases can replace rotational and blow molding to produce hollow box parts.

Sheet Thermoforming Machine Cost

Due to the low pressure, the complex mold structure and expensive mold materials are not required, so the mold cost is low, the part cost is very competitive, and it is an ideal process for large part samples and small batch production.

Sheet Thermoforming Machine Design

Due to the low mold cost and short lead times, this also makes it very easy to modify the design of the parts.
Large parts can be manufactured, which can simplify a product that was originally composed of multiple parts into a single part, saving material costs and assembly costs.

What equipment is used for thermoforming?

Thermoforming is a manufacturing process that involves heating a sheet of plastic or other material until it is pliable, then forming it into a specific shape using a mold or template. The equipment used for thermoforming typically includes:

A thermoforming machine, which is the main piece of equipment used in the process. This machine typically consists of an oven for heating the material, a forming station where the material is shaped, and a trimming station where any excess material is removed.
A mold or template, which is used to shape the material into the desired form. This can be a simple, flat mold for basic shapes, or a more complex, three-dimensional mold for more intricate designs.
A vacuum pump, which is used to create a vacuum inside the mold to help pull the material into the desired shape.
A cooling system, which is used to rapidly cool the formed part to maintain its shape.
Material handling equipment, such as conveyor belts or robots, which is used to move the material through the various stages of the thermoforming process.

In addition to these core pieces of equipment, thermoforming operations may also require other auxiliary equipment, such as mixers for blending materials, grinders for reducing material to the proper size, and ovens for preheating the material.

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Also known as vacuum forming machines, these machines heat plastic sheets until they are malleable, and then use vacuum to mold the plastic into molds. Once the plastic is formed and cooled, a stream of air separates it from the mold. Thermoforming machines are best suited for easy-to-form plastics such as ABS, polystyrene and PETG.

Dual sheet thermoforming is a specialized type of thermoforming in which two sheets of material are used to produce a part. In this process, two sheets of material are heated until they are pliable, then placed into a mold where they are formed using a combination of pressure and vacuum. The two sheets are then bonded together, creating a part that is composed of two layers of material.

Sheet forming is a manufacturing process that involves shaping a sheet of material, such as metal, plastic, or composite, into a specific shape. This process can be performed using a variety of techniques, including bending, stretching, or drawing the material.

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