What is a liquid silicone injection molding machine(What is a liquid silicone injection molding machine)

What is a liquid silicone injection molding machine(What is a liquid silicone injection molding machine)

Liquid silicone injection molding machine LSR injection molding machine is widely used in silicone medical accessories, silicone baby products, silicone labor protection products, silicone diving supplies, silicone kitchen utensils, silicone electronic accessories, silicone auto parts, etc.

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The main functions of liquid silicone injection molding machine are

1. Precision direct pressure clamping mechanism----- ensure uniform distribution of clamping force and high parallelism;
2. Secondary mold-locking exhaust function, and can be configured with vacuum machine vacuum function---- eliminate product trapped gas;
3. The clamping system adopts pressure sensor ----- which can realize precision dead cycle control;
4. Mold timing preheating function ----- improve efficiency;
5. LSR special hydraulic water-cooled sealing nozzle ---- prevent nozzle leakage and curing nozzle;
6. All-round abnormal detection shutdown function----- improve the efficiency of operators to solve problems;
7. Diversified ejection function----- with different complex mold requirements.

Liquid silicone molding process

Liquid silica gel is a two-component liquid material divided into A and B components, and the work of the mixer mixes the A and B components thoroughly in a precise 1:1 ratio. And because some of the products are colored design, it is equipped with a color pump group and a color metering part. A +B components, additives, colors, etc. are fully mixed into the plasticizing system. This plasticizing screw also has the function of homogenization and mixing, and the mixture is injected into the hot mold through the screw, and the silica gel solidifies at a mold temperature of 170 ~ 200 °C. When using a cold runner system, it is important to note that the runners should be cold enough. In order to avoid glue leakage, the needle valve is installed on the surface of the mold part, and when the glue injection is completed, the needle valve immediately closes the nozzle.

What is the use of lsr injection molding machine in manufacturing?

LSR injection molding machines are used in the manufacturing process to produce parts made from liquid silicone rubber (LSR). The LSR material is fed into the machine and injected into a mold, where it is cured and solidified into the final part. LSR injection molding is used in a variety of industries, including medical devices, automotive, and electronics, for the production of parts with high precision and flexibility.

The main characteristics of liquid silicone

1, LSR materials are suitable for use in high temperature or low temperature environment, as high as 200 °C or as low as -40 °C, the insulation characteristics, mechanical properties and physical properties of the material remain unchanged.
2, anti-gasification and aging, so suitable for outdoor applications.
3. Excellent insulation, suitable for high-quality or high-tech electronic plugs.
4. It can be disinfected and is suitable for medical supplies and baby products.
5, oil resistance, can be used in the oil industry.

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Silicone products are heat cured in the mold of the injection molding machine, and the ordinary injection molding machine is not the same, to use a liquid injection molding machine

Liquid silicone is a non-toxic, heat-resistant, highly resilient flexible thermoset material, and its rheological behavior is mainly manifested as low viscosity, rapid curing, shear thinning and high coefficient of thermal expansion. Its products are characterized by good thermal stability, cold resistance, excellent electrical insulation properties, and will not produce toxic substances when burning; Therefore, it has become an irreplaceable material in the production design of health products, automobiles, silicone bottles, medical supplies, diving supplies, silicone kitchen utensils and silicone pads.

Liquid silicone injection molding is a process in which liquid silicone rubber is injected into a mold to produce parts with complex shapes. The liquid silicone injection molding machine consists of two main components: the injection unit and the clamping unit. The injection unit is responsible for mixing, heating, and injecting the silicone into the mold, while the clamping unit holds the mold in place and applies the necessary pressure to ensure that the silicone is properly distributed within the mold. Liquid silicone injection molding is commonly used to produce parts for a variety of industries, including medical, automotive, aerospace, and electronics. Some advantages of this process include the ability to produce parts with complex shapes and high precision, low labor costs, and fast production times. Additionally, liquid silicone is a material with excellent mechanical and chemical properties, including high temperature resistance and flexibility, making it well-suited for a variety of applications.

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